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Seeds are indispensable to feed and color the world.

Seeds are fascinating in their forms and are one of the most extraordinary living structures
of the biology

• they carry the plant genetic information,
• they have the ability to withstand long periods in dry state while still living,
• they grow ultimatedly into a complete plant,
• they are easy to transport and trade,
• good seed quality is the basis for an optimal harvest.

How to enhance seed quality and how to make the right choises in seed production, processing and storage is where ASP-Quality Support can be of help and support.

Seed Germination

Seed Germination is an universal process among plants, though various crops may differ in optimal germination conditions.

Germination starts when seeds get in contact with water combined with the right set of temperature and light conditions. It is a wonderfull process, with water uptake, activation of enzymes, repair of membranes and DNA and cell development.

During the germination process, hunderds of genes are involved, a cascade of physiological processes is started in which temperature, light and soil conditions play a role. With knowledge and understanding of these seed physiological processes, it is possible to optimize the germination abilities of seeds and enhance the seed quality, even before sowing. Seed treatments to achieve this are one of the activities ASP-Quality Support does.

Courtesy with permission, Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Wilco Ligterink.
Source: Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Wilco Ligterink, with permission.

ASP Quality Support

Seed physiology

Seed physiology is the bases on what ASP-Quality Support developed germination enhancing seed treatments, like priming, to improve the number of usable plants and the uniformity of emergence.

We support breeders and seed suppliers with advice on seed quality. We like to support our customers in the seed industry as a partner to help them to get to the best quality for their seeds.

ASP Quality Support
ASP Quality Support
ASP Quality Support
ASP Quality Support